MetaFilter User Age Threadlet

So I keep noticing thousands of new usernames in comment threads (which is awesome), and I got to wondering about how user age/contribution patterns were evolving on a threadwise level with the new users settling in. Being a non-statistician, I didn't care enough to perform a serious study, so I just threw together a little bookmarklet that tells you the average user age contributing to the page. It's totally worthless, but a bit of fun.

I've tested it successfully in the latest Mozilla and Firefox production builds. It works across MeFi, MeTa, and AskMe, in both threads and front pages.

Drag the appropriate link to your bookmarks:

Let me know if there are any glaring, easy-to-fix bugs. Of course, I take absolutely no responsibility for anything bad that integer addition may do to your computer.

Last updated 2004/11/25 1610 EST by DrJohnEvans